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first moon's reflections

Started by droqen, May 28, 2024, 11:33:52 AM

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make a thing every day in the spirit of 31 unmarked games, but not necessarily a game; respect the work you've done; see (the badly named) wholeness of action

when the moon becomes new, stop gathering; start connecting and reflecting

release something on the night of the full moon.

do not make plans.


from yesterday, the monday

notes, thoughts
Quotethere is nothing mystical or scientific
about moon watching

it is simply there,
a great circle of white
beyond reproach.

things created
- began an unnamed godot project, recreating for the third time the idea of a platformer where you can type commands anywhere you like to cast spells. stayed up until like 2am, rapt. very little content, but the pure mechanics & presentation are a joy

being social
- meant to meet with felix, but did not due to rain and sick
- tweeted "a day's events do not particularly happen in order"
- many tbt events, among us
- splatoon at 3-4am
- mom texted me a video of a person speaking chinese even though she knows i dont speak chinese. she asked me about which thumb goes on top of which thumb. right brain left brain thing. such superstition... oh and something about china 'admitting' to GMO...


from yesterday, the tired day

- terraforming Pit.
- too late in the day, noticed a creative dissatisfaction. worked on surface level spell demo.
- slept a good 7 1/2 hours btwn yesterday and today.


from yesterday, a day of differentiated processes

- further terraforming Pit, but specifically working on (and finishing!) the swamp zone.
- tbt games.
- a design solution to a design problem in the spellcasting game. player still trapped in this one screen, but things are interactive, and in particular interacted with via text.
    - wrote a small newforum post about it: Solving Problems
    - "Problems must be solved in order."
- "WE ARE THE MEANING MAKERS". something about what gate88 said... making meaning...


from yesterday, a social community minded thursday

- met with the workshop folks at InterAccess, was an interesting experience of being in touch with people again! a lot of talking. people do so love to talk.

- got pulled down a minor rabbithole then thinking about online games and communities

- really really thought about my letter, What Do We Want To Get Points For? or maybe that was today? ah, the risks of waiting too long.

- the moon did so splinter. i am not cut out to be a one project type of droqen. i work on multitudes and the reason to use a forum is to maintain coherent localized trains of thought!

- played Among Us late at night, then slept.

- who am i?


from yesterday, when
Iife slows

- chatted with Kat, reconnected with tigsource and the old indie spirit

- began work on yet another a new project, "still life," under some foolish assumption that i could simply make a game out of a character controller and static objects & obstacles; adding a dynamic pathfinding entity felt sacrilegious.

- late, played some games.

- still worked on Dalyoon's Throne too.


damn, the moon is waning fast


from yesterday, Animal Crossing Day

- what happened yesterday? i think i fell for animal crossing new horizons . . . i mean, i discovered the feeling of enjoying island life. some of the game stuff gets in the way. other game stuff helps. it's a soup.

realization today, now

there are two types of memory streams... i like recording memories, because they feel very slippery. that's a very different thing from giving form and shape to some kind of artifact. a story, or an article, or a game, or something else. that's a particular act. hmm. i mix the two together and i'd like to keep them separate somehow. somehow. different places. the forum isn't so good for that!


yesterday (no header this time), i started to build myself another strange palace, and realized i don't have much need to go into a deeper sort of isolation!! the big forum event that ive been participating in has ended as of today, a few minutes ago, and it all reminded me how nice it is to feel connected.

yesterday i started to tweet and stuff, or started to think about tweeting, and in particular began building a thing to be less like a hole. a little godot web game hosting website without any type of navigational structure... the goal... being to use those other structures, to hook into them, to belong in concert with a pre existing social hub.

i have no desire for it to be twitter or not twitter, i only seek to build as little as possible from scratch... to perform a structure preserving transformation on the world...


specifically noting a difference between a sketch or prototype, which i want more or less immediate feedback on and then no more, and a long term project which has been worked and perfected...