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Vessel 14 -- "Dying is expensive"

Started by droqen, June 17, 2024, 12:39:21 AM

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"Linda Tirado was shot in the eye with "nonlethal ammunition" while working as a journalist during the Floyd protests. The resulting traumatic brain injury to her left frontal lobe has caused her body to forget how to operate her organs. She's dying, and that cop killed her."

I have been doomscrolling, I guess. Twitter swaddles me in the darkness of the world, but with like-and-retweet friendly lenses on. The objects are genuine: a man quoting hitler for inspiration on the news; a screenshot of a soldier's weird, tasteless Instagram post, with commentary; the information that someone is dying. Dying, a real person.

Linda is dying, and dying is expensive. The logistics of death.