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Only Define the Undefined (40%)

Started by droqen, December 29, 2021, 01:42:10 PM

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PATTERN: Only Define the Undefined

PROBLEM: A concept that is too abstract invites definition but has no connection to the world ("The circle moves 2 spaces forward"), while a concept that is too familiar cannot be easily redefined ("The high school moves 2 spaces forward").

SOLUTION: When defining rules, fill out the Undefined Space of a concept, and only define any particular space once. How does a dog move? Answer that question once. If the dog needs to move in multiple different ways, contain them all as subsystems within one system.


I don't have any good examples for this


Alt. Pattern: Only Answer Questions

Every word is a pattern... that is, a relationship between smaller patterns. A relationship between questions and facts.

When I think about the word CHANCELLOR, I have a sense that they are in a position of power, but aside from that I really have just one big question: "What do they do?"

When I think about the word PRESIDENT, I have a much clearer set of expectations... but I still have questions: "How did they come into power?" "Do they actually do anything?" "Can't they just do whatever they want, since they only get voted in/out every 4 years?"

(This is a quick, throwaway example! This is not about how to simulate accurate presidency. It's more like a lens -- we can look at something through the questions people ask about how it functions.)