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SEMI-UNPREDICTABLE MODELS (Problem Only, No Solution Yet)

Started by droqen, January 17, 2022, 12:26:01 PM

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When presented with a process whose results are important to me (VITAL PROCESS?), it's pleasurable to compute what the results are going to be. If I'm entirely incapable of attempting to compute the result, I'll be frustrated... but if the act of computing is too trivial, the pleasure will go away... and if the act of computing is too expensive, it will become tiresome to compute in its entirety. However, for a suitably vital process, I will still be driven to compute it in its entirety, however tiresome, and burn out afterwards.
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Hypothesis: Highly powerful/efficient computation is pleasurable. Not merely computation which produces great results, but also does it efficiently, i.e. with minimal time and effort.

- a certain time constraint which forces me to come up with the most efficient computation, not just the best solution (i.e. not turn-based)

- an excellent model which affords me the mental scaffolding to compute efficiently (as opposed to a model which is unintuitive and feels 'inefficient'* to handle mentally)

- enough time for me to come up with a satisfactorily good computation engage with a system on a conscious level, rather than a reflexive one (i.e. not high-speed action)

*or perhaps it's not about efficiency, but rather 'comfort'? i think efficiency is easier to wrap my head round though. a model which sits comfortably in the head will also be the more efficient model.