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Goodbye, Eri

Started by droqen, April 24, 2022, 09:40:58 AM

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Contains spoilers.

1st Read: What happened? What was that all about? It was so confusing.

Reflection: The ending... was it fictional or did it really happen?

Later, I was thinking about how a work of art is just a wrapper of devotion around elements of meaning, to give those expressed meaning more gravitas. (e.g. If the author spent so much effort to deliver this message, then it must be more important than it seemed upon first glance?)

I thought of a game which tells you upfront its meaning, then says it again at the end, the same message but with that new context of gravitas the second time. "I already told you this but now look at it again, you thought it wasn't important but now you do."

Then I thought back to the ending of Goodbye, Eri. The first explosion in DEAD EXPLOSION MOTHER seemed like a joke, like an error, like something silly, something to grow out of and fix.

The second explosion said, no, it was perfect.


"Once is a mistake, twice is jazz."