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Look at me

Started by droqen, May 17, 2022, 08:31:49 PM

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Quote"'If only in real life we had a backspace button.' But no. Once you say something, it's out there. You don't get that kind of control." Until recently, in other words, most of us were simply too socially clumsy to avoid being ourselves.

Until recently, most of us were too socially clumsy to avoid being ourselves.

I have heard warnings about technology displacing human workers. The above idea suggests technology is similarly capable of displacing "being ourselves." What is the downside of that? I hope this article goes further towards answering my question.

QuoteLonely people lack attention that is positive and accurate, in short.


I think I've finished with the article, but I found it while thinking about 'attention technology'. I googled everyone wants attention and the article was the first result.

My own secret notes are mirrored in this quote:

QuoteThe truth is that if you want the world's attention badly enough, you can have it tomorrow.