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Emergent Novelty

Started by droqen, June 09, 2023, 10:42:17 AM

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I suppose I forgot to actually write down quotes from it, but ~ The Nature of Order Book Two provided the first example of this idea, and it's stuck in my head forever. I'll edit this when I find that example again.


The idea is that even if we do not set out to produce novel structure, if we respect the structure that is there, and make its good but weak parts stronger, we will end up producing emergent novelty.

(An additional idea here is that this novelty suggests a genuine path towards producing emergent behaviour or structure, and not just a means by which to identify emergent structure, which has been much given already. The process is crucial.)


~ Oshi No Ko (manga)

"understanding [what centers already exist] . . . you can either expand them or hold them down. // if you do that, new [centers] will be born."