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comprehension and boredom; 'out of fashion'

Started by droqen, April 26, 2022, 12:52:45 PM

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See No timeless fashions.

There is an ever-evolving culture which surrounds each of us. What do we expect? There is always A Pattern Language though we don't talk about it as such: things we have accepted as reality or shorthands to it. Justice, karma, employment. We can perceive our cultural patterns through the focus of words, though they are imprecise. Words fall out of fashion slower than patterns do. Words are just pointers.

What is the game design equivalent of 'foreshadowing'? Consider a deck of cards from which one draws a hand of cards: this hand of cards gives a sense of the composition of the deck. In a sense this is foreshadowing; we are given a hint, a piece, of a larger conclusion: the understanding of such a system.

Is technology accelerating fashion? Accelerating boredom?

The internet, the great network of humanity, is a catalyst for connection and change, and our symbiotic relationship to it -- no, not symbiotic, the internet is composed of nothing but people, is a family member symbiotic to a family? -- is growing stronger at a constant rate.